I'm Ashleigh, I believe classic is always in style and your wedding photos deserve to be as epic as your love story.

After eight years of climbing the corporate ladder, I turned my passion for photography into my greatest career adventure with one simple mission.  That mission - use my passion for photography to love and serve others well.  This mission continues to drive this dream I am grateful to live out each and every day.


I believe in celebrating the moments you feel the most like yourself.

Your love.  Your engagement.  Your wedding.  This is your story and it is like no other.  Celebrating the moments of your story is at the heart of what I do and what makes your images uniquely beautiful. 

Your photography experience is no different.  Through your AG experience, you will find comfortable environments made to showcase your relationship.

Quick Facts

for the skimmers

I'd rather be

On the Lake

go to date night

Harvest Pizza

favorite ice-cream


Drink of choice

Ice Vanilla Latte

Listening To

90s Country

weekend plans

Sleeping In

guilty pleasure

Fresh Flowers

take my money

Trader Joes

secret talent


listening to

90s Country

Weekend plans

Sleeping In


Fresh Flowers

take my money

Trader Joes

secret talent


Favorite place

The Beach


Wanna Be Green Thumb

i could spend hours

Designing My Dream Home

a few more things you should know: 

Blame it all on my roots but a good 90s country music playlist sets the mood and a Need to Breath jam session resets my focus every time.  Once a week I take it up a notch and add in dance moves during the Pre K Sunday school classroom where I volunteer.

Country & Worship music are my jam

I fell in love with the guy who fell in love with hawaiian shirts, jhorts and fishing.  He is my biggest cheerleader, fiercely loyal and reminds me to never take life too seriously.

This is my husband.  He is pretty awesome

no 2

My passion for photography has provided me with one of the biggest blessings - the opportunity to work with couples as they begin their marriage.  It is an honor to serve and love you through this pivotal season which is exciting, fun and life changing as you transition your life from two into one.  

My business is rooted in passion and love

No 1

no 3

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

 I believe

Some images are too important to stash away on your phone.  Your wedding portraits deserve to cover your walls as living art and in hierloom albums.

Black and white images are classic and always in style...

The majority of images clients receive are in color.  But, there are specific images in every gallery that communicate emotion better in black and white.  That's why  I always mix in black and white images into each gallery.

 i believe