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A worn album of images over 40 years ago is a window I see my mother as a young blushing bride and my father, a handsome young man with curly blond hair. A rare look of who my mom and dad were before raising kids and a glimpse into the beginning of their legacy. A legacy still being written 40+ years later as they continue to pour life and love into their four children and eight grandchildren.

More than Images

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I Believe in the Power of...

I use to spend my days crunching numbers and projecting sales forecasts before stepping out in faith to the calling God laid on my heart.  My passion for serving others.  This passion is the foundation of creating relationships to provide a seamless and joyful photography experience on your special day.  As the the first day of your marriage, your wedding day should be joy filled from all of those surrounding you on this day.


Marriages full of love, commitment and honor are one of the most influential ways to positively impact future generations.    Through my camera lens, I have witnessed the generational impact of parents and grandparents investing in their families.  Gifting advice and wisdom from their decades of marriage to newlyweds as they continue to breath life into their legacy - their children and grandchildren.  


Choosing who to build your life with is one of the most important decisions.  Your commitment to growing together, building a life together and choosing each other every day makes marriage a uniquely, special relationship.  I believe the irreplaceable bond created deserves to be honored.  To be photographed with timeless style by a photographer with a heart for marriage.


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You should feel comfortable with your photographer

 I believe

Some of my couples' favorite images are the "in the moment" photographs.  These moments happen when you trust your photographer, relax and enjoy the time spent during your engagement session and wedding.

Your commitment deserves to be honored

 I believe

Choosing your spouse as your life-long partner to walk through life with is no small decision.  In fact, it is one of the biggest commitments we choose to make.  This deserves to be celebrated, supported and honored as you begin your marriage.

Your engagement session should represent you

 I believe

During the planning process we will work together to select a location and outfits that reflect what you are looking for in an engagement session.

Digital galleries are only the beginning

Receiving you digital gallery is only the beginning.  My goal is to make it a seamless, easy process for couples to move their favorite pictures from digital files to printed photographs and albums.  To adorn the walls of their home, displayed in an album on their coffee table and printed for their photo boxes to one day show their children how where it all began.

 i believe

Timeless photographs are always a good idea

 I believe

Your wedding photographs are too important to center around the latest trend that will pass before your first anniversary.  AG galleries are classic and stand the test of time.

You Can Usually Find Me...

                                                              bread, trying a new recipe for cookies or making muffins with my kids.  My love of baking is born out of a creative outlet mixed with a desire to create childhood memories with my kids.

a quick latte on the go, grabbing a treat with my son or spending the day editing with plenty of coffee on hand

At a local coffee shop

                                                             the joy in unhurried and everyday moments.  My kids continue to teach me daily that the brightest moments are often found in the everyday - a smile, a hug, learning something new and simply being present with the ones we love

Soaking Up


Ready for the                     of
your love story to be told                          

through                          photographs

As a columbus, ohio wedding photographer, Ashleigh serves a select number of couples each year to ensure every couple receives the attention and detail they deserve