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Abby & Brandon | Historic Inn Wedding

Standing in the middle of the aisle, I lift my camera to freeze Abby wiping a tear from her eye when I find myself captivated. Captivated by the deeply personal, God honoring vows Abby and Brandon are declaring to each other as Abby’s father officiates their ceremony. Goosebumps cover my arms as they speak about their faith, love and support in building a life together as husband and wife. I realize I am not the only one immersed as I look around and see their guests hanging on to every last word.

Those same goosebumps came flooding back a couple hours later during the reception toasts. Abby’s father and sister delivered toasts full of laughs and a few more (happy) tears. The joy radiating through the toasts was the same joy abundantly present through out the entire day. After spending the day with Abby and Brandon’s wedding party, family and friends, it is clear Abby and Brandon’s kind hearted nature is a common trait found in each of their family and friends which was perfectly showcased through out their wedding day.

Abby and Brandon – thank you for the opportunity to document the beginning of your marriage! It was honor working with you, your family and friends!

Venue: Historic Headley Inn | Zanesville, Ohio

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