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Branding Photography | Types of Sessions

So you know you need new branding photography that speaks to your clients. Maybe you’ve added new team members or you have a sales launch this year. Maybe, you are leveling up your business and are undergoing a re-brand with your website and need imagery to match your new aesthetic. These reasons, along with many others, are all great examples of why a branding session is needed for your business.

The only catch is you aren’t exactly sure what that “branding session” would look like. What do you need? Above all, what is included? I’m outlining three types of branding sessions I offer as a Columbus, Ohio, photographer.

Branding Refresh Session

Refresh sessions best serve the business owner who has added new team members or has a one product launch. Typically accomplished within two hours of photography and work best once a relationship has been established. By establishing a relationship before a refresh session, usually with a different branding session, I am able to understand your business and vision. Allowing for an efficient refresh session! Consequently, saving you time and money!

Team Expansion

If new team members are added, we focus on new headshots of each team member and full group images. This ensures the business can communicate visually and consistently when sharing information about the team. This is also a session you would want to have about every year or two. Not only will you gain and loose team members through the years, but you also want to make sure headshots are up to date.

Product Launch

For a current client with a new product launch, we will focus on that product only. A refresh session for a product launch is ideal for a seasonal launch or update to a current product offering.

Half Day Branding Session

If you are a business owner who needs updated headshots and imagery to communicate to clients on one or two specific brand storylines or product launches. Then a Half Day Branding Session is for you! There is typically one location involved and up to four outfits to maximize the variety of content. Half day branding sessions are a great way to expand your visuals and create visual content for months to come!

Full Day Branding Session

Full Day Branding sessions can be almost whatever you want them to be! These best serves the business owner who is re-branding, needs a brand refresh of imagery, is introducing a new segment of their business or has multiple product launches. A Full Day involves headshots, like the other session types. As well as creating imagery for multiple segments (or story lines) of the business to communicate with the customer base. This is the most in depth option and the best results are delivered when the business has a strong understanding of their brand and customer base.

Branding Photography

Whether you are experiencing a complete rebrand, or you simply need a quick refresh. One of these branding photography sessions will fit the bill! Reach out and we can talk more specifics on your session.

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