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Headshot Photos vs. Branding Photography

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to photography. However, something I have learned in my work as a brand photographer in Columbus, Ohio, is that every business needs both headshot photos and branding photography. These two types of photography often get confused with one another, even though their purposes and styles are very different.

Headshot Photos

A straightforward and professional type of photo during a brand session is a headshot. This type of image focuses on the individual, with the backdrop of the image not drawing attention away from the person. These can be done in a studio brand session, or even outdoors.

Headshots are used to represent an individual, anyone from the CEO of a business to entry-level employees. Headshot photos are typically used for profile pictures, company websites, email signatures, press releases, and so much more. They are a staple for any business and serve as a great professional representation for you and your team!

Branding Photography

Storytelling is a key component of your brand; photography lets you tell that story visually. Branding photography includes various shots to capture a business’s essence. Often, this includes behind-the-scenes photos of products being used, workspaces, and so much more.

Brand photography has vast purposes, making it well worth the investment. It can be used for everything from website pages and blogs to marketing, ads, and profiles. Due to the versatility, the majority of my sessions consist of intentional branding photography to illustrate the business’s story and value.

Headshot photos and branding photography are both critical for your business and elevating your brand. Ready to book your brand session? Reach out and let’s showcase your value.

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