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Why You Need A Brand Video

Your branding session with me, a Columbus photographer, is so much more than capturing new headshots. It’s an opportunity to create new content that will captivate your audience as well as speak to your ideal client. This is exactly why I now offer video as part of my brand photography packages. Here are my top three reasons why including brand video in your session helps drive additional business growth.


No matter the industry, there are dozens of other businesses who offer similar products or services. To stand out in a saturated market, telling your story is a must! This allows individuals to form a connection with your brand, leading to a higher conversion rate. Expand the storytelling aspect of your visual branding through video with voice over, giving potential clients a look into the experience or showcasing your product in use. Adding these video elements increase inquiries and sales ultimately.

Social Media

Social media platforms love video! A brand video allows you to expand your content library while playing the algorithms game. If you use social media for your marketing, then video is key pillar to growing your audience. Tell your story, capture attention, relate to your audience, and share new offers and products through video.

Website Refresh

Just like how video works to capture your social media audience’s attention, it does the same for website viewers. Adding a brand video to your website is a great way to add visual interest, keep viewers on your site longer and boost SEO. Not only does this help with sales and conversion, but longer site visits tells search engines that your website has greater value. Resulting in greater authority and higher ranking.

A brand video will enhance your audience’s experience learning your story, no matter the platform! Adapting to the latest media trends means including video to create a lasting impression. Ready to elevate your business and your brand? Let’s start planning your brand session!

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