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How To Use Your Brand Video Content On Social Media

Today, every business needs brand video content. It offers storytelling, is eye-catching, and will elevate your brand on every platform. As a Columbus photographer, I work with videographers to provide you with a complete package of brand photos and videos. However, oftentimes, my clients don’t know how to use their branding video in their everyday content. Don’t opt out of brand videos because of this! Instead, consider these creative uses for video.


Any business can share a how-to video. This can be how-to-use a product, which works great if you sell products. This is the most common how-to video we see, but service providers can also offer how-tos. For service providers, you can share a how-to to get started or how-to DIY a service.

Behind The Scenes

Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes video! These are great because you can use them with a voiceover or add trending audio and text to create a reel. In addition, behind the scenes is a simple way to demonstrate the value that comes when your audience invests in paying you for your time and skills.

Showcase Inventory

For those businesses selling products, showing off your inventory can make a big impact. Not only are you sharing the quality and variety of products you offer. You are also making a more personal connection by putting a face along with the products.

Share Reviews

Reviews are the most powerful tool you can have as a business owner. At the end of the day, people want results and reviews offer a testimony of the desired results. This is especially helpful for the service provider’s brand video content.

Create A Course!

When creating a course, you are opening up a world of possibilities when it comes to new content. Create brand videos to accompany your course for a professional and high-end product. Then use snip-its of those course videos for your social media with an invite to take your course.

Brand Video Content On Social Media

Social media is currently revolving around video, so investing in brand video now will surely pay off! Ready to elevate your brand? Reach out and let’s get started!

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